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Gemstone Jewelry

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''Yours is the light by which my spirit's born - you are my sun, my moon and all my stars.''

♡ Dare to be true, Dare to be You ♡


Bespoke & Bridal

Unique, Personal, Ethically Sourced & Pure In Energy

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About Wonderland L'atelier

Made For Fans, Driven By Fans


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''Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of that which you truly love.''

''I was curious about my connection with this person because it was mind blowing to connect with someone so instantaneously and in a much deeper level. Felt like I have known this person for a long time. Turns out, the result of the reading was pretty much very accurate when days go by everything got clearer. Super freaky but I feel so blessed to experience an incredible magical encounter of my other twinflame. It is not logical at all, but this made me believe that the higher power have something installed for everyone and we should always ride the flow, enjoy the flow and bask in those magical moments.''

''This shop gives incredible service. Nicole took the time to let us know every step of the way. The ring is gorgeous, every bit as pretty as you could hope for. A fantastic motivated seller. Even the packaging was so pretty, and it arrived on time!''

''Just received guidance from Nicole and she really helped me understand my current situation better in addition to helping me identify the core of my deep rooted fears to further assist with my healing! She was very sweet and most importantly I did not feel judged by her! Her approach is very gentle and I trust her with what she's been guided to share with me! I felt like I was getting advice from a very close friend! I highly recommend her to anyone on the Twinflame journey or anyone who needs guidance on their spiritual journey! She's the sweetest and I will be contacting her for a reading again!''

''I love Nicole's no nonsense energy even tho I've only talked to her online for a couple of weeks before I decided to get a reading. Her in depth reading gave me alot of clarity and a sense of peace. She was very straightforward yet gentle in her delivery, positive and no drama. I'm blown away by some facts she mentioned that I know is the truth. I would definitely and highly recommend her if you want some insights and intuitive guidance in your journey, you won't regret it!''

''I received a reading from Nicole and I'm fulfilled with my reading. Not only she is right on point but it honestly corresponded with my intuition and I don't feel so bad about my doubts. I even appreciate the fact that she was open with me and still engaging in conversation with me as I kept questioning why. Thank you, she is truly amazing.''

''Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.''

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