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RHEA is for a natural unheated and untreated blue sapphire measuring 5mmx7mm set in a solid 18K Gold Ring (Colour of your choice) with branch details on the top half of the ring with ethically sourced natural diamonds in the branch details.

*** If you would prefer for the entire ring to be completely with the branch details, please drop me a message so we can make the arrangements for you, the price will remain the same however please note, the diamond details will only remain on the top ***

Due to the sapphires being natural, unheated and untreated. The gems may contain ''imperfections'' which are natural inclusions that are courtesy of mother nature. Colours of the gems may also differ but rest assured that only the best gems are chosen for these rings.

If your size is not listed or you have any other concerns about the ring, please feel free to let me know.