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KHIONE is a Special One of a Kind 3.04ct lavender opalescence unheated, untreated Vietnamese spinel set in 18k White Gold with 20pcs ethically sourced natural diamond to bring about a statement heirloom piece that is eye catching but elegant. Vietnam spinels are known for these beautiful pastel blue/violet hues and spinels weighing above 3ct are rare.

Spinels are known to have grey tones to them, this may significantly bring down the value of a spinel. This spinel contains little to no grey hues and contains an opalescence sheen inside the stone. Natural inclusions are visible in the stone courtesy of mother nature.

Spinels are the underdogs of the gem department compared to the big 4 namely diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. However, research more on Spinels and you will know they are second to none to the big 4.

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