About Us

Q: Why Wonderland L'atelier?

A: We want our brand to represent fun, limitless possibilities and infinite imagination. The word that could best describe that is Wonderland. It is representative of our inspiration and the thought process behind our designs. L'atelier is a french word for The Workshop. So altogether, it stands for imagination is our playground.

Q: What Do You Mean By ''Clean'' Stones?

A: We are a crystal specialist working with all kinds of stones intuitively for over 8 years, the nature of stones is that they absorbs energy from ALL the people who come into contact with it e.g. 1. the person who picked the stone, 2. the person who later bought the stone from the mines, 3. the person who handles the stone while making the ring 4. it then reaches you with all this energy already absorbed into it including any negativity or frustration they may have had while handling the stone.
Any natural crystals except for a select few like Citrine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz & Kyanite does not absorb energy. Therefore even the most precious stones such as Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires & Rubies do absorb energy.
 After Your ring is completed, the last most crucial process is the deep cleansing of the stone of all energies except its own so the stone reaches you ''clean'' and pure and truly yours.
We do this through sound/vibrational energy with the highest intentions during the process.
Q: Do You Have A Studio I Could Visit?
A: At this time, our business is solely home based so we are unable to offer any studio visits.

About Purchases

Q: What Is Your Turn Around For Custom Designs?

A: Turnaround is usually 3 weeks (earliest) to 7 weeks depending on the complexity of the design. Contact us at hello@wonderlandlatelier.com to bring your design to life.

Q: Sizing Details

A: All our rings go by US Sizing, please ensure you give us the right measurements as we will not be responsible for wrong specifications given. All other jewelry information will be listed on the listing directly. Please contact us immediately at hello@wonderlandlatelier.com if you realized you have given us a size in the wrong format.

Q: How Do I Know What Is My Ring Size?

A: The best way to figure out your ring size is to go to your local jewelry store and have the sizing done professionally. We ship the items based on the information that is given to us from the order therefore, we are not responsible for incorrect ring size determination. 

Q: How Do I Care For My Jewelry?

A: Our jewelry are made of stainless steel/925 Sterling Silver/18k Gold/Platinum. As how our crystals & gemstones work to help you, please remember to love and care for them by wiping them down with a dry cloth to remove any natural oils, dirt etc. from our skin that might have gotten on them from wear throughout the day.

Any jewelry containing natural stones and diamonds included are precious and fragile and should be treated as such. Prevent from rough handling and dropping them to ensure the stones do not loosen from their setting.

Remove all jewelry before any contact with water or corrosive substances, especially sea water, swimming pools, perfumes, detergents, lotions and work that includes any kind of force required that may damage the stones. We also recommend removing your jewelry when washing your hands, showering and sleeping. 

Wonderland L'atelier is not responsible for broken or lost stones.

Q: Do You Provide Gift Wrapping Services?

A: All our everyday jewelry comes in an animal themed ceramic trinket box ready for gifting. All bespoke & bridal jewelry comes in an exclusive Wonderlux peacock green velvet box, ready to be presented just as it is. Any specific/special requests for gift wrapping and packaging, feel free to let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

 About Gemstones

 Q: Are All Your Stones Natural?

A: Yes. We pride ourselves on dealing only with absolutely natural, untreated and unheated stones so the energy of the stones are not altered in any way.

 Q: Why Does My Stone Have Visible Streaks, Lines Inside The Stone?

A: These are the workings of Mother Nature. These are all natural inclusions that come with the stone. Almost like birth marks that tell a story. We pick our stones based on its energy, character & quality. Rest assured, despite the natural inclusions within the stone, it is of the highest quality.

Q: Which Stone Is For Me?

A: Have a look at our guide to find out which stone you may be needing at this point in your life to assist you (this changes based on your current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state, energy and situation)

**** Something Interesting On Crystals ****

Crystals may break, ''get lost'', disappear all of a sudden without logical explanation or reason, after it has served its purpose with you.

About Shop Policies

Q: What Is Your Returns/Exchange Policy?

A: Wonderland L'atelier has a strict no returns policy. All sales are final. We want our pieces to reach its rightful owner without any detours along the way. If there are any issues with the product, please write to us at hello@wonderlandlatelier.com

Q: Can I Cancel My Order After It Has Been Placed?

A: All sales are final. Once the order has been made, it is put into production and we do not accept cancellations even if the order has yet to be shipped out.

Q: What Is Your Privacy Policy?

A: We do not sell, share or trade any information you provide us with a third party. Any information we collect is used to provide you with a better shopping experience and to notify you via email of promotions and upcoming sales. If you would prefer not to receive these emails, you may opt out by changing your Email Notifications status.

** As we use DHL Express for shipment, your phone number is required to be contacted by DHL directly. It is used solely for the purpose of order fulfillment, we will not use your number to be contacted for any marketing purposes and your personal information is strictly kept private and confidential and will also not be distributed in any way. **

**** Wonderland L'atelier cannot guarantee that colours represented on the website will exactly match the jewelry you receive, we do our best to alter the colours on screen to match what it is in person as cameras, both phones and professional cameras, tend to oversaturate the colour of the stones more than the actual colour you may see in person. Since all pieces are handmade and come from raw materials, please anticipate minor variations in colour and texture. Rest assured that the piece you receive is intuitively picked to go with you and is uniquely yours ****

About Payment

Q: What Currency Do You Use?

A: All our items are priced in USD

Q: Do You Accept Partial Payment?

A: Please note that payment is due in full for us to start work on your piece. Ready To Ship items will only be shipped after payment has been received and cleared by the payment processing system.

About Shipping

Q: Do You Ship Internationally?

A: Yes. We offer FREE worldwide shipping for orders above US$60

Q: Do You Charge Taxes On Your Products?

A: Please be informed of your country’s import policies before committing to a purchase, as any taxes, duties or customs upon delivery are the responsibility of the buyer, and are in no way controlled by Wonderland L'atelier. 

Q: How Long Does It Take To Receive My Item?

A: Your Item Will Reach You Within 5-11 Working Days not including weekends, public holidays and bank holidays. Shipping duration may vary due to many factors such as customs inspection, weather, peak period, holidays etc. please give ample amount of time for your order to reach you especially if it is time sensitive.

Q: What Courier Do You Use?

A: We Ship By DHL Express With Tracking & Insurance Provided. Please provide the correct shipping address at checkout where someone will be present to sign. If mailing to a business, please provide the business address.

** As we use DHL Express for shipment, your phone number is required to be contacted by DHL directly. It is used solely for the purpose of order fulfillment, we will not use your number to be contacted for any marketing purposes and your personal information is strictly kept private and confidential and will also not be distributed in any way.

**** Please ensure that the address provided is correct as shipment is done within 1-3 working days. The redelivery charges due to input of wrong address will be fully borne by the customer before the item is released for redelivery ****

Q: I Need My Order Urgently

A: Please email us at hello@wonderlandlatelier.com so we can make a note to prioritize your order to reach you as soon as possible.

Q: How Do I Know If My Item Is Being Held By Customs?

A: Customs inspections vary from country to country and some countries may take longer than that due to strict custom inspection (ex. South America, Russia and Eastern Europe, etc.)  However, if after constant checking and your article is held up in customs for a prolonged period of time (more than 10 business days, not including weekends, public holidays and bank holidays), please get in touch with us at hello@wonderlandlatelier.com 

**** We are not responsible for lost parcels or delays due to weather or holds at customs. Packages that are refused due to customs and duty fees will NOT be refunded.

Import duties, taxes, and/or customs fees are not included in the item price. You are responsible for paying any additional charges due to customs clearance. We are not responsible for any delays or fees charged by customs/duties in your country. The buyer is responsible for any additional taxes, duties, or brokerage fees.****

Wonderland L'atelier is not responsible for lost packages that have been marked as delivered. 


Q: Wholesale Enquiry

A: Please contact us via email hello@wonderlandlatelier.com for any wholesale enquiries.

Q. Do You reuse customer stones?
A: We do not work with customer stones at this time. Also, we do not currently make blank settings.