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Head In The Clouds: Cloud Moonstone Necklace

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  • Cloud 9 is adorn with natural rose quartz stars and natural moonstone on a rose gold plated stainless steel necklace. The combination of rose quartz and moonstone instills a sense of hopefulness and a new way of not only looking at love as purely romantic but also recognizing the importance of self-love. With a greater love and mindset of loving ourselves, we naturally call in a partner that aligns with these higher values rather than one where we seek to fill the lack within ourselves.
  • Money Cloud is adorn with natural rose quartz stars, natural aventurine stars and natural moonstone on a yellow gold plated stainless steel necklace. The combination of rose quartz, moonstone and aventurine instills a sense of calm, hopefulness and a new way of not only looking at love as purely romantic but also recognizing the importance of self-love. This piece is especially good for those who deals with a lot of anxiousness or has an anxious attachment style that aventurine will help with. With a greater love and mindset of loving ourselves, we raise our standards of what we will or won't accept in terms of love, life or even career and this will naturally allow us to align with a greater level of abundance rather than settling for what we could previously get.

Necklace length: 45cm (non-extendable)

Size Guide


Wrap a piece of string around the base of your finger and record the measurement in millimeters. Use the chart below to find your size. Size stated is US size.

If your size happens to be between 2 sizes, we recommend taking the size that is larger between the 2.

Size Diameter Circumference
4 14.99 mm 47 mm
4.5 15.25 mm 48 mm
5 15.7 mm 49.3 mm
5.5 16.1 mm 50.6 mm
6 16.5 mm 51.9 mm
6.5 16.92 mm 53.1 mm
7 17.32 mm 54.4 mm
7.5 17.73 mm 55.7 mm
8 18.14 mm 57 mm
8.5 18.54 mm 58.3 mm
9 18.95 mm 59.6 mm
9.5 19.35 mm 60.8 mm


Our neck sizes can vary, it is best to measure your own size to have the most accurate result of where it would sit on your neck.

 Chain Length Fit

12" - 14"

Fits just above collar bone

16" - 18"

Fits at collar bone


Fits in middle of chest


Fits at cleavage


Fits below cleavage

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