Wounded Masculine Coursework

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All of us possess both inner masculine & feminine energies so this coursework can apply to you regardless of gender. Many women actually possess an inner wounded masculine therefore this course can help you if:

  • You struggle with surrender
  • You often try to force things to make them work
  • Have trouble making decisions based on feelings
  • Often live from the mind
  • Feel a need to deflect every attack
  • Often get caught up in chasing things, career, money, having trouble allowing yourself to fully relax, deem rest as unproductive, struggle with workaholism, what you deem as 'discipline' actually doesn't feel good to you as you are not listening to your body.

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Masculine workbook.

I've been working through this and it's honestly helped me figure out how to heal my own stuff with my inner masculine. Can't thank Nicole enough for all her hard work and the programme she created!!