Our Story


Wonderland L'atelier translates to "Wonderland, The Workshop". I created Wonderland L'atelier because I wanted it to not be just one particular thing but all of it at the same time.

My name is Nicole & I have always shared a passion for many things in life and I was never the sort of person to stick to just 1 passion. I wanted this space I've created to reflect just that. I didn't want it to only be just about jewelry. But I wanted it to be anything and everything. I want to share my love for jewelry & crystals, but also pottery, tarot, resin & candle making. I want it to be about self love, self help and guidance which is why I decided to open tarot readings, coaching sessions and self help courses. Wonderland L'atelier was never made to be just 1 thing. It is a creation of all of my passions that I will continue to choose to share with the world ☁️💜🌙🔮✨