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Limited Edition: THEMIS

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THEMIS is a natural Pink Topaz, Light Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz on a 18k White Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring

Pink Topaz Attracts Genuine Love (Not Just Romantically), Eases Sadness And Brings Hope & Love To Oneself. As you do what is needed for yourself, you naturally align with true genuine love as well.

Blue Topaz Aids In Self Confidence, Clarity And Finding Inner Peace.

Together, They Work To Bring Self-Love, Attracting The Right People, Clarity And Inner Peace.

- THEMIS is made with natural pink, light blue and london topaz.
- The ring is an 18K White Gold Plated S925 Ring
- Please remember to treat your ring with proper love and care by avoiding any form of liquid fragrances, lotions etc. and not showering with it. Also, please remove your rings before any handy work to prevent the stones from becoming loose from its setting & to ensure it stays a part of your collection for a long time.
*** If you would like to add this piece to your collection in 18K Gold of your choice, please drop us a note in 'Contact Us' ***
A fun little story about this ring: I designed this ring to help others with its properties but felt guided to give it to 3 close friends and of course, kept 1 for myself. 2 of them whom have never been in a relationship before ended meeting their current partners and are looking to settle down with them. As for me, I reconnected with my ex whom I had to separate from for over 2.5 years because of my own healing needed. Whether a strange coincidence or a little help from this ring, I'll leave it up to you to decide. If you do have anything similar happen to you, I would love to hear it. Share your story with us and stand a chance to win $25 OFF your next purchase or $10 cash.
Purposefully designed. ONLY 30 of its kind in existence in the world ❤️

Size Guide


Wrap a piece of string around the base of your finger and record the measurement in millimeters. Use the chart below to find your size. Size stated is US size.

If your size happens to be between 2 sizes, we recommend taking the size that is larger between the 2.

Size Diameter Circumference
4 14.99 mm 47 mm
4.5 15.25 mm 48 mm
5 15.7 mm 49.3 mm
5.5 16.1 mm 50.6 mm
6 16.5 mm 51.9 mm
6.5 16.92 mm 53.1 mm
7 17.32 mm 54.4 mm
7.5 17.73 mm 55.7 mm
8 18.14 mm 57 mm
8.5 18.54 mm 58.3 mm
9 18.95 mm 59.6 mm
9.5 19.35 mm 60.8 mm


Our neck sizes can vary, it is best to measure your own size to have the most accurate result of where it would sit on your neck.

 Chain Length Fit

12" - 14"

Fits just above collar bone

16" - 18"

Fits at collar bone


Fits in middle of chest


Fits at cleavage


Fits below cleavage

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All purchases are covered by a 2-year full warranty period from the date of purchase and enjoys a lifetime warranty on fair wear and tear thereafter.

During the 2-year full warranty period, any accidental damage done to your jewelry will be fully covered, except for gemstone damage (such as scratched or lost stones). 

The lifetime warranty period covers jewelry maintenance and any damage caused by fair wear and tear. This includes:
- Repairing minor scratches and scuffs
- Inspection and maintenance
- Cleaning and polishing
- Prong tightening
- Replating

Please note that charges may be incurred after multiple repairs. Our warranty does not cover lost or damaged gemstones, theft, loss, breakage, negligence, abuse, unauthorized modifications, or ring resizing.

Repairs are free of charge however, please note shipping costs are fully borne by the buyer.

Please note that warranty is not a replacement or exchange for a new product but repairs done to the existing product you have sent us.


Sterling silver jewelry can last for years to come with the proper care. Sterling silver can tarnish when it is exposed to salt, air, and products containing sulfur due to the copper content that makes up Sterling Silver. It is best to avoid swimming, perfumes, lotions and anything that can potentially speed up this process.

All plated jewelry is basically a coating around it, it is best to avoid washing your hands with rings due to the friction that will affect the plating especially if you wear multiple rings.

Understand your gemstone, especially if you had paid for an unheated gemstone or have jewelry with a gemstone that is sensitive to heat. If you decide to bring your piece to a local jeweler, it is good practice to let them know so that necessary precautions can be taken to ensure that the gemstone will not be damaged as heat from the torch is high enough to affect the gemstone should it come into contact with it during resizing. Once gemstones are heated, the process is irreversible. Some gemstones are more prone to scratches than others, more sensitive to heat/pressure and cannot be put into an ultrasonic like a sapphire or diamond can. It is best to keep this in mind to properly care for your gemstone ring.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous ring

It is such a cute ring! I’m in love with the shape and colour!

Kell Y
Lovely ring with a great message and story behind it

I'm not usually a "pink" person, but I was attracted to this ring after I read about it on the website. So I took a chance and purchased it, and I've not regretted it at all! The pink topaz is beautiful, and the ring is very well made. I wear it whenever I can, including at work to remind myself of self-love. I think this is an important reminder and goal for anyone to achieve, especially during these (COVID) times. I believe Themis can help me achieve it. Highly recommended! Did I mention that Nicole, the owner, is such a lovely person and an absolute joy to talk to? That's a bonus!

Lover of Clouds

I’m so glad that I splurged and bought the Themis for myself! It is super gorgeous, and the energy is pure and true! I highly recommend.